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Each portrait commission is priced individually according to the size, complexity of content, the paint medium (oil or watercolor) requested and travel expenses, if applicable.

002_2crpd.Brother+SisterPortrait.INWeb.jpg (68252 bytes)

#002_2P/4, Watercolor on paper, w22 in x h15 in.
"Portrait of Marcia and Dave (brother & sister)"
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004_4crpd.BirdwomanWeb.jpg (60711 bytes)

"Bird woman"
Watercolor on paper

More images will be added to this page in the future


The artist also paints portraits of "Pets and their Owners"; any kind of pet. If you would like to hire (commission) the artist, Steve Larson to paint a portrait please click>CONTACT US.
Note: Minimum commissioned Portrait order amount is $1,500.00 (head only, white background).
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