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109_9crpd.2MullinKids+LakeWeb.jpg (74792 bytes)

#109_9P/3-Oil-Paint on stretched canvas, w3 ft. x h4 ft.
"Mullin Children at Birch Lake"
The children posed for the portrait in their parents South Bend, IN. house and the lake scene was painted behind instead of blank wall.

108_8crpd.MullinClose-up.BoyWeb.jpg (38134 bytes)

107_7crpd.MullinClose-upGirlWeb.jpg (43772 bytes)

#108_8P/3, Close-up of Boy in painting above. Click on image to view details.

#107_7P/3, Close-up of Girl in painting above.

033_34crpd.Mother+DaughterFt.WayneWeb.jpg (53961 bytes)

#033_34P/3, Oil-Paint on stretched canvas, w5 ft. x h6 ft.
"Mother and Daughter Portrait in Ft. Wayne, IN."
Sailboat scene through window is Milwaukee skyline.

034_35crpd.Ft.WaynePortraitClose-upWeb.jpg (72266 bytes)

Close-up of mother & daughter oil-painting.

113_13crpd.GirlinRedonChairWeb.jpg (39860 bytes)

"Girl in Red on Chair"
Oil-Paint on stretched canvas. Approx.
w30 in. x h36 in.

110_10crpd.GirlinRedClose-upWeb.jpg (51407 bytes)

Close-up of "Girl in Red on Chair"

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