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003_3crpedMakelskiKidsWeb.jpg (93162 bytes)

#003_3P-Watercolor, w30 in. x h22 in.
"Portrait of Makielski Children with Geese"
The artist created this scene from many separate photos. For example, the girl in pink was photographed while standing on the kitchen table in the house and the geese were photographed in another State.

013_13crped.BasketBallSupStarsWeb.jpg (60037 bytes)

#013_13P-Oil-Paint on Substrate (Sintra panel), w4 ft. x h6 ft.
"Basketball Super Stars"
The customer that commissioned this painting wanted the artist to create a painting with all of his favorite players in it because no photographs could be located with all the players in a single game.

025_25crpd.MctigueKidsonCouchWeb.jpg (110785 bytes)

#025_25P/2-Oil-Paint on stretched canvas, w5 ft. x h4 ft.
"Dr. Mctigue Children on Couch"
This painting was created from over 100 different photos, taken in different seasons (Fall leaves were used for more colors than green).

026_26crpd.MctigueClose-up.LeftWeb.jpg (44809 bytes)

028_28crpd.MctigueClose-up.middleWeb.jpg (48419 bytes)

027_27crpd.MctigueClose-up.Rt.Web.jpg (39570 bytes)


Close-up of Oil-Painting


Close-up of Oil-Painting


Close-up of Oil-Painting

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