Site Specific Murals
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Murals require extended periods of time to create depending on the size and content. murals shown are examples of commissioned (contracted) work. Painted Horse Gallery and Studio welcomes on-going corporate (commercial) and private (residential) support of Art and Culture by consulting with Interior Designers and private customers to create "site-specific" murals  and other Artworks which become a visual compliment to the surrounding architecture, thereby ensuring that the Visual Arts will continue to influence public educational and cultural well-being wherever the Artwork is displayed.

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CNBtrainW.interior016_17.jpg (41625 bytes)

EngineFr.Hf.017_18.jpg (68720 bytes)

EngineBk.Hf.etc.018_19.jpg (60688 bytes)

bullet1999, Canon National Bank, oil-paint on substrate attached to walls (main lobby, west side) in converted train depot, Canon City, CO., 43 in. x 43 ft. First Three Images Above.

SteamEng.R.G.Brdg.021_22.jpg (52460 bytes)

Clos-upSteamEngine020_21.jpg (66137 bytes)

bullet1998-99, Canon National Bank, Oil-Paint on Substrate attached to walls behind tellers (main lobby, east side) in historically renovated Rio Grande train depot, Canon City, CO. Size= 8 ft. x 24 ft. This mural scene was created from several historic locations around Canon City except for the Moffit tunnel and  the goldmine, which was located in the mountains near Boulder CO. The direction and location of the river was also altered so that it would flow in the foreground the whole length of the mural.  Because every mural is a site specific creation, the base-coats of paint were all applied with a palette knife to simulate the rough rock surface and metallic paints were used through the entire composition to coincide with precious metals.

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G.ofG.Mural.Lobby025_26.jpg (36402 bytes)

GofG.3Graces.026_27.jpg (61757 bytes)

bullet1997, Garden of the Gods Country Club, Colorado Springs, CO. These murals were painted directly on the walls with oil-paint. The stampeding horses and buffalo mural is 12 ft. x 25 ft. suspended twelve feet off the ground. The "Three Graces" landscape is 6+1/2 ft. x 7 ft. framed in a stone alcove over a mini-bar just off the dance-floor in the dining room.                      
bulletCommission included 5+1/2 months residency as "guests" so the murals and eight requested "larger than life" floral oil-paintings (see Florals) could be created "on-location" as the client desired

T.C.U.mural.028_29.jpg (50240 bytes)

Clos.upT.C.U.Heloc.029_30.jpg (60567 bytes)

bullet1986, Teachers' Credit Union, South Bend, IN. oil-paint mural on stretched canvas, 5 ft. x 18 ft. for a waiting area in the new corporate office building. This mural contains more than 45 birds of different types, a crop-dusting helicopter and a rainbow over the sprinkling system.
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