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From 1986 to 1992 Mr. Steve Larson (artist) exhibited in competitions and won many top awards Nationally exhibiting primarily East of the Mississippi River until moving to Colorado in 1996. After 1992 he shifted away from juried exhibitions to all commissioned Art-work, focusing on Portraits or Murals (which were usually Landscapes). A list of awards in juried competitions can be viewed by clicking on Resume Page 3.  
To view more examples after this page see>STILL-LIFE/2 or STILL-LIFE/3.

Reproductions can be purchased of any Still-life shown. There was not sufficient  space however to display the whole collection on these web-pages. If you would like to discuss viewing a larger selection or commission the artist to paint your favorite  still-life subject matter, click>Contact Us

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Many Still-Life paintings were created as a series experimenting with how the same object is altered by what is placed "in" or "around" it as shown by the  vertical silver bowl compositions above...there are also horizontal silver bowl paintings. To view more examples click>STILL-LIFE/2. 
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