Naturist or Nudist
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Clarification or "statement of intent" concerning paintings containing nudity. The paintings shown as examples on this page are labeled "naturalist" because the subjects were outdoors enjoying being totally or nearly unclothed. Although I work from "life" whenever possible, it is rarely practical to work outside the Studio and photographs have to be used as visual reference tools. Usually I prefer to work from my own photographs, but for naturalist commissions (unless my travel is paid for) it is more economical to work from a good quality photograph taken by a customer. However, I do not strive for "photo-realism" because I consider it mentally and spiritually deadening. I chose the label "ENHANCED REALISM" because it retains the element of creative freedom.
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PortraitofPatti.115_15.jpg (30877 bytes)

Wo.atBeachBl.Bot.Exposed.,Hat.116_16.jpg (30048 bytes)

Wo.BeachRd.Wht.StripeTowel.120_20.jpg (32007 bytes)

bullet #115_15, Gouache on paper, 15" x 22", (left) reproduction available. Was published in the March 1994 issue of "PENTHOUSE" magazine, page 117, with the critics comment, "captures the serene happiness of a woman who is comfortable with herself and her body".
bullet#116-16, Water media on smooth paper, 15" x 22", (middle) reproduction available. Also appeared in "PENTHOUSE" magazine, page 114, with the  comment, "depicts a woman intentionally and daringly exposing herself".
bullet#120_20, Water media on smooth paper, 15" x 22", (right) reproduction available. Shows a woman also intentionally exposing herself while sunbathing but cautiously, by only pulling her bikini aside so that it can be quickly adjusted again to cover-up. The unfortunate reality behind her cautious exposure was not modesty but fear of being arrested for "indecent exposure" if she was caught without her swimsuit.


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