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The Artist has used DECORATIVE PAINTING/ interior + exterior painting both Commercial and Residential to supplement his Fine Art Painting career for nearly 30 years. Examples (page 2 + 3) only represent a small portion of past & potential range of  Decorative CERAMIC TILE DESIGN and installation on: counter-tops, floors and walls in kitchens-baths-etc.

033_33croppedW8.5xH10web.jpg (43431 bytes)

Photo to left of text: Shows BIRDS-EYE-MAPLE PANELS with beveled edges created by the artist to function as doors to hide a TV which was over a mantel in a bedroom. Artist hired woodworker to make frame molding to match other trim-molding in the room. Frame was painted the same gloss enamel as the mantel...see photo below. Heron and wood duck by artist.   

035_35croppedW7xH10.7WEB.jpg (39635 bytes)

Photo to the left or this text: is a CLOSE-UP OF THE LEFT PANEL of the cupboard doors shown above. Click on any thumbnail image to view it this painted panel there is a frog on the log at the Great Blue Heron's feet. Notice the artist applied the paint as a glaze to allow the beautiful wood-grain to show as much as possible.

034_34croppedW7xH10.7WEB.jpg (38999 bytes)

McKernanPanelsnapshotWeb.jpg (28500 bytes)

Far left photo: is a CLOSE-UP of the RIGHT PANEL with duck and aquatic plant. Each panel is approx. 25 in. x 34 in., the photo immediately to left of text: shows final installation of panels over fireplace. These panels were commissioned by the former CEO of "Clark Equipment Corporation". 

StencilingCNB1999web.jpg (56336 bytes)

THE 2 SNAPSHOTS to the left show STENCILING in progress (top photo) and a completed row in bronze paint (below). The artist custom creates stencils and designs for different  job locations.





Peb.Kit.BeforeCountertopWEB.jpg (38695 bytes)

Peb.Kit.Tileboard+CupbordsWEB.jpg (40807 bytes)

Peb.Kit.GroutAppliedWEB.jpg (47909 bytes)

Photo shows1999 RENOVATION of Kitchen after old lower drawers and countertops were removed by artist, who also leveled floor and wall was prepared for tile by adding "tile backer board". 

This photo shows the same Kitchen area after the new lower level cabinets and drawers were installed and new plywood counter-top built and surfaced with "tile backer board" by the artist.

In this photo the artist is applying grout to the hand-painted Mexican tiles he has just installed on the counter-top. The back-splash will be a different color and type of tile. Plastic cover is for protection from stains.

Peb.Kit.TileCounterDoneWEB.jpg (40058 bytes)

Click on any of these photos to view them larger. This one (to left) shows the finished counter-top with the plastic removed from cupboards. Artist will also be putting new hardware on upper cupboard doors and adding Plexiglas to them. Artist also designed pattern seen partially on floor (center of room has octagon tiles in pattern with inlaid glazed tile triangles) and installs clay and other types of tile floors. Next photo (below) shows floor tile pattern.

Peb.Kit.FloorPatternWEB.jpg (23938 bytes)

The photo to the left shows the Kitchen floor just after it was installed; early in the renovation before any cupboards or countertops were added. The windows in the 105 year old building were all replaced after vandals knocked -out the old ones. The window shown in this photo will have Mexican tile installed as a boarder-trim around it to match the tile on the counter-top rather than replace the wood trim.

Scroll-down for more tile-installation and renovation photos:




Blu+WhtBathBeforeWEB.jpg (39736 bytes)

Photo at left shows bathroom renovation after old bathtub (room was too small for a tub), sink (was located behind door, keeping it from opening more than 12") and toilet were removed by artist. Water damage had caused floor to slope 6" down by wall. Artist rebuilt sub-floor and wall.

Bllu+WhtBathDuringWEB.jpg (36384 bytes)

This picture shows the artist at work installing tile in the new shower area (left side of above photo) after he rebuilt wall with chip-board and tile-backer-board. Click any photo to view larger image.

Blu+WhtBathAfterWEB.jpg (37769 bytes)

This photograph shows the tile finished in the shower and pedestal-sink area of the same bathroom shown in the first photo above. A corner of the saltilo tile floor installed also by the artist is visible under the sink. Since this renovation was still "in-progress" when the photo was taken, the wall above the sink had not been re-plastered or the trim painted yet.