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For over thirty years I have been creating original watercolor and oil-paintings from small (7"x 11") to murals over forty feet in length utilizing a full-range of subject matter; such as: LANDSCAPES: sunsets, sunrises, mountains, trains in landscapes, people in landscapes, farm scenes, birds in landscapes, NUDES in landscapes, water in landscapes, city-scenes...also FLORAL PAINTINGS: roses, water-lilies, peonies, day-lilies, wild-flowers, gladiolas, orchids, daffodils, and many more painted indoors and outside...also PORTRAITS: oil or watercolor paint, just the head or full body, inside or outside, clothed or naturalist, any size...also STILL-LIFE: oil or watercolor paint, please see samples...also DECORATIVE PAINTING: such as stenciling (stencils are custom made by artist) and decorative murals which are painted either directly on the wall or on substrates attached later to walls; also found in this section is "decorative tile"-a new skill developed since moving to the South West. Only a small sampling of this body of work (Mr. Larson has created approx. 3,000 paintings between teaching art-classes and renovating houses.) could be presented in these web-pages but if you are searching for an artist to create a SITE- SPECIFIC- MURAL or any other commissioned two-dimensional painting, just click-on a thumbnail to take a look at the bigger pictures and contact me at:

In June, 2003, I resumed work in my mountain studio on the Oil-Painting shown below on a 3ft. x 4ft. oil-paint portrait of a Dentist & his wife composed of a group of snap-shots they took traveling through France & Europe (the painting was completed July 4th). Click on the image below-left to see full-page and more about this painting.DescriptionOfPhotosUsedinDentist&WifePortrait2003.jpg (267973 bytes) I'd like to encourage more people to send me photos of themselves traveling for a new category of portraiture I'll call: "ROMANTIC REALISM TRAVEL PORTRAITURE"! Dig through your old photos and imagine the potential! 


Photograph of Artist, Steve Larson standing in front of a six ft. x 3.5 ft. oil-painting of "Thirteen Cows standing in a River" which is part of a larger Private Collection purchased over a period of 25 years, now in Portland, Oregon.



*Additional Notes & Updates:
FA: Part of my old resume is available currently if you click on "ABOUT US" while I create work for my new website which will focus more on new "Non-Toxic" Printmaking techniques. Just let me know if you need more specific information: Awards, Exhibits, TV & Radio appearances, etc. 

On the new website that I've been creating, I will soon be introducing new categories of artwork and scheduling teaching workshops. I have (for example) my own etching press and will soon be photographing my etchings, lithographs and relief prints, etc. for viewing on this site. Considering hand-made prints are more affordable than "one-of-a-kind" paintings; I am hopeful with the addition of new categories and prints that my artwork and teaching orders will soon increase. 

I'm also re-introducing the option for customers to hire me to create original artwork from their photographs

I will continue to create one-of-a-kind paintings as commissioned Artwork Contracts for "Design of Artwork" will be provided when arrangements are made with the artist for an "advance fee" to be paid for sketches etc.  I look forward to hearing from you by email:                  

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